The people of New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York are hard working people. Some of the hardest working in the country, in fact. That's why after they finish working hard they make sure to play hard. It's completely understandable.

We can relate to these hard working people because we are those people. We bust our humps every weekend driving for people that are just trying to have a good time. We service every special NJ event. Our down time is generally Sunday and Monday but not always. Sometimes it's a straight seven day a week schedule so we relate to everything that you guys have to offer.

We try and price our limousines and buses in such a way that almost anybody can afford our vehicles. Regardless of if you're a Wall Street Big Wig or a blue collar steel worker who just wants to get away for a weekend and do some partying, you can rest assured that we've got a vehicle that you can not only afford but one that can make you happy.

Before you call us to book anything, please be sure to have some information handy in order to expedite the process. Visit our common questions page to solve any questions. If you know the date and time that you're going to need transportation then have that written down as well as the pickup/drop off location and the amount of people. This will allow us to suggest all of the proper vehicles in your range and will allow you to hang up the phone with a 100% risk free quote that you can use to shop around.

Pick Up and Drop Off Location

We need that to determine if you're in or out of our service area.

How many people need transportation?

This helps us narrow down our fleet of vehicles to only ones that fit your needs.

How many hours you need service.

There's no sense in quoting for three hours of use when you really need a vehicle for seven, right?

Time of Day

A general rule of thumb is that day time is more affordable than evenings.